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I want to get logo created and some image changes on my site

I am looking for someone who can create or recreate logo for me and create a brand name for my business. I also need some pictures, products and banners uploaded on my website, but I am not sure where to find someone who can do all this. I found a developer long time back on a freelancer's site but I am not happy with the response time. They sometimes speaks in an accent not understandable to me (no offence to them)

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Heard of CMS, Wordpress, Joomla etc. but I am really confused

With the increased number of webdesigners and webdevelopers and more over increased number of opensource options available, it becomes a difficult choice to select among qualified developer and a reliable website solution. All the options have their all Pros and Cons. We try gather all the necessary information for you and make you understand the benefits and limitations of a particular solution based on your requirement

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Already have a website but don't have time or knowledge to maintain it

You must have, at some point of time, got a website created or created it yourself. Now the business is growing and you either don't have time to maintain it or advance knowledge to maintain it further. Your developer might not be replying on time for the request you make. You get stucked to a point where you want to make progress on your website, but are not able to find a helping hand.

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New to Websites Designing? Not sure where to start?

I heard many people, talking about Web Presence, Website Designing, Web Development, SEO and what not. But I am not sure where to begin, whom to approach? This is a common dilemma for all who are new to internet or are planning to create a new website but not sure where to begin.
You reached the right place. We can help you create yoor Web presence.

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