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How to Delete part of video clip on CAMTASIA 2 for Mac OS

  • First select the portion of the clip you want to delete
  • Hold down shift on keyboard
  • Click at about start of the section you want to delete
  • drag to the right about where, the section we don't want ends
  • Drag the edge of the selected portion to increase or decrease the selected area on clip
  • Right click or control click and select 'Ripple Delete' or Delete

Sun Ray effect using Coreldraw X8

Learn How to give Sun Ray effect using Coreldraw X8
The video provides detail description and step by step navigation to achieve the goal
We have included shortcuts and menu navigation in video for older versions of Coreldraw

How to create Passport size photograph using CorelDraw X8

Learn How to create Passport size photograph using CorelDraw X8 [Fast Track]
The video intends to teach you in quick mode about how you can create Passport size image using Corel Draw X8.
We have included shortcults and menu navigation in vidoe for older versions of Coreldraw

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